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The Posters app is a good graphic design app for owners of small businesses or services that want to have attractive feed in their social media and don’t want to spend time and money working with designers.
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Dec 13, 2022
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The Posters app is a good graphic design app for owners of small businesses or services that want to have attractive feed in their social media and don’t want to spend time and money working with designers.

The Posters app combines poster maker with ready to use and editable templates and powerful picture editor for Instagram and others social media. With this app you can create video stories because each post or story template could be transformed to animated in an easy way. Also there are dozens of animated templates and video backgrounds.

Excepte of templates the Posters has an easy to use image editor where you can design banner for advertising campaigns from scratch. Also this graphic design maker has a huge collection of unique stickers, fonts, GIFs that will add authenticity and sharm to your stories and posts.

There is a short list of the type of content that you can find in this design maker app:

Attractive graphics for Instagram posts.
Instagram story templates. There are hundreds of creative graphic ideas for any business.

Instagram highlights. There are templates with bright design ideas for the main moments of Instagram story.

Facebook posts. Create marketing design for your ads campaign or page easy and fast with facebook post template designs or facebook banner templates.

Twitter posts. Beautiful graphic design for any occasion.

Layout templates for Instagram and other social media graphics.

Graphic design video. Create video stories quickly from ready to use video templates and animated backgrounds or using animation settings in each post or instagram story templates.

Poster templates with ideas for promotion of your product or event.

The Posters is a maker design with lots of tools that could be used for the next purpose:

Graphic design maker. Implenent your design idea in your own way: with ready templates, that could be edited, or design poster from scratch.

Create a design for Social media content. There is an art design app with desigions for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and etc.

Story editor for insta and facebook. Design story according to your vision.

Flyer maker. Inspire with templates in the graphic design maker app and create design for any event.

Design quotes.
Text editor. There is a huge collection of the fonts, that could be used to add text to photos. Use different font settings to create attractive caption.

Template editor. Save your time in creating design with editibale templates: put your photo of video in temlate and your eye-catching design for social media is ready.

Grid post maker. Cut your photo into pieces with special grid tool.

Create advertising posters. Use maker design to create attractive content for advertising compain.

Layouts design. Just need to put your content and information into creative graphic designs and enjoy the results.

Video story creator. Dozens of animated backgrounds and creative motion graphics inside the Posters app. Also you can put your video in any template.

Design posts. There are many types of posts: advirtisment, grid, animated and etc.
Posters maker. Create art posters for concert, festival, travel or sports events.

Posters is a good desigion for creating designs for social media and advirtisment compaings for small businesses. There are hundreds templates for any occasion, including templates for instagram stories, powerful animation editor and editor for templates with collection of stickers, GIF-stickers and fonts. With Posters your account in social media will excite your followers with bright design.



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