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more than 6.5 million Ukrainians chose monobank, which makes us the largest commercial bank in Ukraine
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Jan 18, 2023
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more than 6.5 million Ukrainians chose monobank, which makes us the largest commercial bank in Ukraine

How to register?
1. Download the mobile application.
2. Confirm the mobile number.
3. Select the document with which you will register (Deed, ID card, passport book, foreign passport, permanent residence permit).
4. Choose to receive a virtual card now or a physical card at the point of issue.

For the fastest registration, choose registration through Diya, the record for the registration speed is 1 minute 43 seconds.

Still hesitating? Here are 51 random reasons to open a monobank card:
– Monokit lives in the application, which is quite unusual for a bank
– Patriotic card designs for Google Pay
– Flexible card security settings
– Dark app theme available
– No need to cut the card number or IBAN from the message to make a payment, we will do it for you
– There is a mini-chat with the sender of the transfer to confirm the payment or send the TTN
– Open currency cards in dollars or euros without going to branches that do not exist
– Many people from your environment already have a monobank card, and it is more convenient to use monobank together
– Purchase in parts from cool partners
– Within 10 seconds, you can cancel the payment if mistakes have been made
– Splitting the bill for a cafe or taxi among friends
– Banks for collecting donations
– You can scan the card with the camera so you don't have to enter it manually
– We do not block accounts at the request of the executive service, when only the amount can be blocked
– Elite cards with access to the lounge for the price of several cups of coffee
– You can block regular debits from a specific service
– Payments between cards, utilities and mobile top-up — without commission
– Sign e-mail documents to their KEP through Diya
– Pleasant purr of Monokot when receiving money instead of harsh notification sounds
– 1-touch eSIM purchase — a virtual SIM card instead of or in addition to your physical card
– Payment for purchases via Google Pay
– There are regular payments for mobile top-up, transfer to a card, payment by IBAN or transfer to charity
– Buy goods on credit in all land-based or online stores of the planet
– A convenient dashboard with current restrictions of the NBU, so as not to get into unpleasant situations
– Choose for yourself how we should contact you
– Purchases and withdrawals from the card abroad at a favorable rate
– Didn't calculate the budget? Transfer the old expense into installments, and the money will be returned to the card
– You can give gifts: send transfers to friends on behalf of the Cat, Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy
– Get cashback from partners, more than 10 partners to choose from every month
– Convenient accounting of finances in one application
– OSCPV insurance and Green card in 2 clicks at favorable prices
– Stylish card and simple application
– The most profitable and transparent tariffs
– Donate cashback to charity — do good deeds inconspicuously for your budget
– Shake the app and make transfers to the person next to you without asking for a card or phone number
– There is no commission for withdrawing salary, FOP payments or social security payments
– Buying military bonds in 2 taps
– Opening currency cards and FOP accounts in 1 touch
– Tag expenses and build analytics in a convenient section
– Calendar to view upcoming recurring payments
– Cashback from the bank
– Transfers contacts from the phone book, no need to ask for a card number
– We send a notification about the appearance of traffic fines
– Credit limit for the card and installment plan
– Opening a card is Support for receiving assistance from the state in 1 touch
– Unsurpassed payment in restaurants without waiting for a waiter
– Get rewards for using your card
– Children's card to control the child's expenses and teach financial literacy
– Incognito mode to hide card balances from prying eyes
– The best support service in convenient messengers
– Receive bank statements and account statements electronically by mail

JSC "UNIVERSAL BANK" NBU License No. 92 dated January 20, 1994, in the State Register of Banks No. 226

What's new

На мапі у розділі «Ще» показано каси магазинів, де здійснювались оплати картками monobank за останні 60 хвилин.

За допомогою цієї мапи ви зможете перевірити, чи працює термінал у магазині перед походом до нього. Якщо протягом години оплати були, термінал буде відображено на мапі.



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